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Roundup of Recent Faculty Research News (Special Back-to-School Edition)

Recent Works

Prof. Patricia Cain’s article, “Taxation of Tort Damages,” is forthcoming in the Oklahoma Law Review.

Prof. Patricia Cain’s article, “Taxation of Unmarried Partners,” is forthcoming in the Washington University Law Review.

Prof. Eric Goldman published the 2022 Edition of his Internet Law Casebook.

Prof. Eric Goldman updated his casebook chapter on online contracts.

Prof. Eric Goldman published an article, “The Constitutionality of Mandating Editorial Transparency,” in Hastings Law Journal.

Prof. Pratheepan Gulasekaram explained the historical and current dynamics of regulating gun control in an Illuminate article, “Ameriguns.”

Dean Michael Kaufman’s book, “Badges & Incidents: A Transdisciplinary History of the Right to Education in America,” was issued in paperback.

Profs. Brian Love and Christian Helmers posted an article, “Patent Validity and Litigation: Evidence from U.S. Inter Partes Review,” forthcoming in the Journal of Law & Economics.

Prof. Kerry Lynn Macintosh published a review of Prof. Hank Greely’s book, “CRISPR People.”

Prof. Michelle Oberman published an article, “What Will & Won’t Happen When Abortion is Banned.”

Prof. Don Polden published an article, “Leadership to Address Implicit Bias in the Legal Profession.”

Prof. David Sloss’ book, “Tyrants on Twitter: Protecting Democracies from Information Warfare,” is also available as an audiobook. He did an interview with Santa Clara Magazine about the book, and the book was featured in Engadget’s article, “Hitting the Books: Modern social media has made misinformation so, so much worse.”

Prof. David Sloss, along with student Swathi Rajan, published an article, “Section 230 & the Presumption Against Extraterritoriality,” on the Transnational Litigation Blog.

Prof. Stephen Smith published an essay, “United States v. Allen & Judicial Review of Early Pandemic Courtroom Closures,” in the Denver Law Review.

 Other News

Prof. Colleen Chien was featured in Santa Clara Law’s alumni magazine for her Paper Prisons Initiative and Second Chances Gap project.

Prof. Colleen Chien’s paper, “The Inequalities of Innovation,” was featured in a VICE article, “Psychedelic Patents are Broken Because the Patent System is Broken.”

Prof. Colleen Chien’s students discussed technology, law, and perceived impact on innovation of AI inventorship in a series of 4 articles.

Prof. Pratheepan Gulasekaram’s research about “illegal” immigrants possessing guns was cited in an opinion by the Eleventh Circuit.

Prof. Tyler Ochoa’s amicus brief regarding the calculation of copyright damages was cited by the Ninth Circuit.

Prof. Margaret Russell was named a 2022 “Silicon Valley Women of Influence” by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Prof. Catherine Sandoval was nominated to the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board by President Joe Biden.

Prof. Nicholas Serafin was awarded a university-wide “JEDI” grant to support his project, “Born to Equality: Children, Equal Protection, & State Laws Targeting LGBTQ+ Youth.”



Roundup of Recent Faculty Research News (Special Back-to-School Edition)

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