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Roundup of Recent Faculty Research News

Prof. Colleen Chien’s article, “Estimating the Earnings Loss Associated with a Criminal Record & Suspended Driver’s License,” is in print.

Prof. Eric Goldman posted an article, “Zauderer and Compelled Editorial Transparency.”

Prof. Eric Goldman previewed his forthcoming book project at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC).

Prof. Sue Guan co-authored an article, “Manipulating Citadel: Strategies to Profit at the Expense of Retail Stock Traders’ Market Makers.”

Profs. Brian J. Love and Christian Helmers co-authored a paper, “The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Theory and Evidence from NPEs.”

Prof. Brian J. Love signed onto a statement titled “Preserving the Royalty-Free Standards Ecosystem.”

Prof. Tyler Ochoa published an article, “Reconciling Copyright ‘Restoration’ for Pre-1972 Foreign Sound Recordings with the Classics Protection & Access Act.” 

Profs. Michelle Oberman and W. David Ball posted an article, “The Case Against Commercial Casebooks.”

Prof. David Sloss posted his article, “The Russia-Ukraine War & the Seeds of a New Liberal Plurilateral Order.” 

Prof. Stephen Smith published an article, “The Rule’ and the Constitution: Witness Exclusion and the Right to a Public Trial.”

Roundup of Recent Faculty Research News

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