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Roundup of Recent Faculty Research News

Prof. Colleen Chien published an article, “The Inequalities of Innovation.” The article was covered by the Technology, Academics, and Policy blog

Prof. Eric Goldman posted an essay, “Assuming Good Faith Online.” WikiResearch highlighted the essay. 

Prof. Eric Goldman testified before the Colombian Constitutional Court regarding his research into online account terminations and content removals.

Profs. Sue Guan and Nicholas Serafin were appointed as the Inaugural Albert J. Ruffo Assistant Professors of Law

Prof. Bradley Joondeph posted an article, “Remote Work & the State Taxation of Nonresident Employees.” 

Prof. Catherine Sandoval published an article, “Technology Law as a Vehicle for Technology Justice: Stop ISP Throttling to Promote Digital Equity.” 

Prof. Nicholas Serafin previewed his in-progress scholarship in a Slate article, “The ‘Parental Rights’ Lie at the Heart of GOP Efforts to Target LGBTQ Youth.” 

Prof. David Sloss virtually launched a new book, “Is the International Legal Order Unraveling?

Prof. David Sloss’ book Tyrants on Twitter was reviewed on LawFare.

Emerita Prof. Stephanie Wildman‘s transition from legal literature to children’s books was covered by ALI.

Roundup of Recent Faculty Research News

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