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Month: March 2023

How to Start a Memorial Scholarship Fund

How to Start a Memorial Scholarship Fund By Scholarship America Updated March 2023 When someone holds a special place in your heart, makes a big impact in your life or changes the community for good, it’s fitting to honor their contributions. This is especially true for those who seek to commemorate individuals through a memorial […]

Roundup of Recent Faculty Research News

Prof. Colleen Chien and W. David Ball co-authored a paper, “Proving Actionable Racial Disparity Under the California Racial Justice Act.” Prof. Colleen Chien published an article, “Distinguishing & Predicting Drug Patents.”  Prof. Colleen Chien contributed a comment, “In Praise of Inequality,” to a symposium on Orly Lobel’s book, “The Equality Machine.” Prof. Colleen Chien’s scholarly […]

Featured Partner Scholarships: March-April 2023

Featured Partner Scholarships: March-April 2023 By Matt Konrad March Madness is upon us—and scholarship season is pretty crazy, too. Scholarship America and our partners have dozens of scholarships open that you can apply for right now; our featured programs this week include a guaranteed scholarship for families of frontline healthcare workers who lost their lives […]

Gen Z Insights Briefing: 90% of Gen Z Students Say They Will Graduate With Student Debt

Thank you for subscribing! To develop a deeper understanding of Gen Z, ScholarshipOwl conducts a survey every month to assess key trends impacting high school and college students. With Supreme Court decisions looming regarding the Biden Administration’s plans for student debt forgiveness, our February 2023 survey focused on student loan debt expectations as well as […]

6 Steps to Writing a Financial Aid Appeal letter (w/ Example) 2023

Thank you for subscribing! You are counting on the financial aid from your school to pay for your degree. But when the financial aid letter comes in the mail, you are suddenly surprised and worried. You didn’t receive as much as you thought you would. You have no idea how you’re going to pay for […]

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